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Background information
Origin Stokes Valley
Years active 1979-1984
Associated acts The Glass, Number 9, TAB, Compos Mentis
Members Simon Gotlieb (guitar), Kevin Kermack (bass and vocals), Dean Reilly (drums)


Aftershock was formed in the Hutt Valley suburb of Stokes Valley by 3 friends: "We were bored and somehow ended up with instruments in our hands aged 12 or 13 and with nothing else to do we just played until we were good enough.” A few years later the band had attracted the attention of Gerald Dwyer and were put on the bill for Underground Emerges in January 1983 at the Newtown community hall. The gig featured First Fifteen, RIOT 111 and the newly formed Flesh D-Vice and was essentially a dress rehearsal for the Golden Showers gig at the same venue 3 months later. Aftershock’s only released recording features on the live recording of this gig, 1984’s Capitol Kaos album.

During 1983-84 Aftershock played with Flesh D-Vice, First Fifteen, The Yelimen, The Skeptics and Unrestful Movements. ‘’’“We would have played more but the pubs wouldn't have us because we were so young and it was impossible to hire clubs and halls due to our age. As we were so young we relied on older friends and parents for transport to gigs.”’’’

“Wellington at this time was “post boom and busted. Lots of buildings that got knocked down and for building projects that never happened because the money ran out, so they ended up as car parks or wastelands instead. It felt dark, edgy, a lot of energy looking for somewhere to go. Popular music was terrible, but underground (for want of a better term) music was really good in a way that it really isn't now. There was a lot of energy and diversity and Wellington was full of great bands who should have got more plaudits - The Spines, First Fifteen, Skeptics when they moved from Palmy, The Neoteric Tribesmen, The Glass and Fish School were awesome. There was a richness of creative activity in this slightly desolate environment."(S. Gotlieb)

After a demo was recorded at Crescendo in 1984 Aftershock promptly split. Kevin Kermack and Dean Riley would later play together in the influential Number 9 while Simon went on to play in Wellington's anarcho-punk band Compos Mentis, and later in the hard rocking TAB and Vas Deferens.


Aftershock:You Don't Look (live 1983)