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Starting in 1985 Wellington local Simon Cottle began publishing his "spasmodical fanzine" Anacho-Pacifist, after one issue re-naming it Anti-System and finally in 1990 Social Dis-Ease. Spanning 17 issues over 12 years the Anti-System zines were a concerted effort by Simon to articulate an anarchist political agenda in the Wellington scene. As a teenager Simon had been active in local and international issues, beginning with protests against live animal exports. This involvement continued throughout the 80s and into the 1990s in a New Zealand that had been traumatised by the mass protests of the 81 Springbok tour.

Printed on a low-quality photocopier and featuring a cut-and-paste aesthetic Anti-System zine documents the goings on of the Wellington scene from a straight-edge, vegetarian anarcho-punk perspective. Regularly featured within the zines are issues to do with the animal rights movement and an ongoing tally of non-violent direct action (typically smashed windows and graffiti) against butchers shops and pharmacies around Wellington. Simon would also sing in the short lived band One Less Customer for the Butcher. The zine also features interviews with New Zealand bands and articles from overseas zines on anarchism, the anti-nuclear movement, and the ALF.

Anti-System underwent a further name change in 1990 re-emerging for two issues as Social Disease before taking a 6 year hiatus, during which Simon was working, traveling and heavily involved in campaigning against vivisection, before coming back for one final issue in 1997.


Every issue of Anti-System plus Anarcho-Pacifist plus Social Dis-Ease

  • Anarcho-Pacifist #1, November, 1985. Contents: Animal liberation action, anti-nuclear campaigns, NZ MP Gary Knapp's vivisection bill, anti-TV, London Class War, anarchists at the Henley Regatta, Smash the Mac, Compos Mentis bio
  • Anti-System #2, January, 1986. ALF in Wellington, punks banned from Manners Mall McDonalds, poetry by Brenda Crooks, Redfern Black Rose Anarchist bookshop
  • Anti-System #3, April, 1986. Northern Ireland, Greenham women, Anarcho-syndicalism, Five Year Mission interview, reviews
  • Anti-System #4, May, 1986. World Day for Laboratory Animals, May Day, No Idea, Italian Punk, Armatrak, reviews
  • Anti-System #5, July, 1986. Taranaki Underground zine seized by the police under indecent publications act, anti-butcher shop attacks in Kilbirnie, non-violent direct action, interviews with Casualty and Compos Mentis
  • Anti-System #6, October, 1986. Interviews with Skank Attack, Flesh D-Vice, ?Fog, Wazzo Ghoti, West German anti-nuclear protests, libertarian workers, Slaughter of the Innocent book review, record and tape reviews, poems, cartoon, gigs
  • Anti-System #7, November, 1986. ALF, Neil Roberts, Compos Mentis interview, Hidden Crimes, non-violent direct action
  • Anti-System #8, January, 1987. Anti-vivisection, This Way For The Gas Ladies and Gentlemen, 1981: The Tour, Screams from the Concrete Playground photos, The Warner interview, Gary Knapp, ALF actions
  • Anti-System #9, June, 1987. UK anarchists, Wellington ALF, gig photos One Less Customer for the Butcher, Acid Reign, Nazgul, Microwave Babies
  • Anti-System #10, August, 1987. Anarchism and Pacifism, May Day, World Day for Lab Animals, acid rain, Nazgul interview, Wellington ALF actions
  • Anti-System #11, February, 1988. The Warners reply, anarchism and pacifism, recording and gig reviews, ALF actions, Neil Roberts day 1987
  • Anti-System #12, August, 1988. Microwave Babies interview, S.A.F.E, ALF, UK anarchists, Queensland scene, World day for lab animals
  • Anti-System #13, August, 1989. skating, gigs, Columbian Necktie, ALF actions, Anigma interview,
  • Anti-System #14, December, 1989. Shihad, Bygone Era, Vas Deferens, AK89 Auckland report, ALF, patriarchy, skating, poetry
  • Social Dis-Ease #15, October, 1990. Das Unter Mensh interview, TAB, Project X, AK vivisectors, skate report, protest report, ALF
  • Social Dis-Ease #16, February, 1991. Wellington from A-Z, protest reports, letter from New York, Anarcho-satanism, Casualty, Anarchism/ Feminism, Auckland report, Fatal Jelly Space, Salad Daze, ALF
  • Social Dis-Ease #17, March, 1997. The Freedom Shop, Anarchy organisation, All You Can Eat, Screaming Asylum, On yer bike, Riot Grrrl, slammin,ALF