Awkward Death

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Awkward Death
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Awkward Death
Background information
Origin Punkfest
Genres Awkward Death Rock
Years active 2012 - 2016
Associated acts Shock Futuro, The Johos, Carnys, Vomit Storm
Members Axel (guitar), Liz (drums), Sammy (bass), Nobs (vocals)


As drummer Liz recalls Awkward Death had its awkward birth during Punkfest 2011 when during a walk through a broken Christchurch eight months after the February quake. “A bunch of people were climbing up into an old condemned house and someone else yelled out ‘awe that would be an awkward death, and Axel was like ‘that’s a band name! That’s mine, I’ve called it’”.

Liz and Axel mulled over the idea of releasing merch for fictitious band for a while before talking former Carnys violin player Sammy into playing bass and getting Axel’s then flatmate at Lorne Street, Nobs, to take on vocals.

Playing their first gig in early 2013, three of Awkward Deaths four member were newbies on their respective instruments. Ex-Scabies guitarist and current member of thrash-punk crossover band Vomit Storm, Axel brought a distinctly metal influence to the band’s sound. Crossed with Liz’s ‘punk drums’ and Nobs’ vocal style the band end up producing what they term “Awkward Death rock”.

Awkward Death’s lyrics are a mixture of black comedy and serious social-political issues with their self titled album recorded at Scumbag College in August 2013. The band took a hiatus in 2014 with Liz and Nobs travelling overseas, but have since reunited for the occasional house party or fundraising gig.



Awkward Death: 1.Coward

Download Album here: Awkward Death Bandcamp



Awkward Death on UTPTV:EP06

UTPTV EP06 Awkward Death