Ayn Randy

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Ayn Randy
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NOW Festival
Background information
Origin Wellington
Genres punk
Years active 2015 -
Associated acts Rogernomix, Awkward Death, Poverty & Spit, Hair Brainz
Website Ayn Randy Facbook
Members Tanya (bass), Kitt (drums), Bonnie (guitar), Liz (guitar/ vox)


Ayn Randy started out in 2015 with Tanya (Rogernomix) and Liz (Awkward Death, Hair Brainz) jamming on bass and drums. TJ “Liz and I wanted to start something. I wanted to play bass and was also going through a rough period and Liz was like “come and do this”. Liz: “It was winter and we didn’t have anything else to do.”

The duo were joined by Bonnie (Poverty and Spit, Shock Futuro) on guitar and Kitt on drums. After Liz and Kitt saw a documentary (All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace) they came up with the name Any Randy.

Liz: We were like texting the other band members at 5am in the morning saying this name (Ayn Randy) is hilarious and no one really got it.

TJ: I thought it was hilarious but I didn’t actually know who Ayn Rand was.

Liz: You were like as long it’s not something political

TJ: And then it was but it was funny!

Liz: It’s definitely a curse of a name because people always want to ask us questions about it which we get sick of.

TJ: I just wanted something to be a bit more fun. I’m in Rogernomix and lyricly that’s a lot more politically driven and I just wanted this to be a lot more fun loose and fun.

Ayn Randy recorded their debut self-titled album at Scumbag College and released it at the Newtown Bowls Club on August 5, 2017. In September they were approached to play an opening slot for the sell-out dad-rock band Foo Fighters (and Weezer) on February 3, 2018 at Mount Smart Stadium.