Backyard Burial

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Backyard Burial
Background information
Origin Lower Hutt
Genres Grind Scum
Years active 1998-2011
Associated acts Pedal Faster, School of Meat, Discentre, Diecast
Members Mike/Human Hating War Machine (drums), Ryan/Bobby Hellford (guitar), Matt/Blaps "Chomper" Warmonger (vocals), Joe/Joseph Thompson (guitar), Boyd/Taffy (bass)
Past members Aidan (bass), Nathan, George/Spraying Mantis (bass),Greg, Jason, Mark,


Backyard Burial were a part of the Wellington underground metal and punk scene for over a decade as New Zealand's finest proponents of grind-scum. Since their first gig at Punkfest 1999 Backyard spawned 3 albums and 3 EPs and with members of the band also featuring in Diecast, Walking Groin Infection, Pedal Faster and School of Meat.


Backyard Burial: If It Came Down To It I'd Eat You

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Download every Backyard Burial album here: Backyard Burial Bandcamp


  • Symptoms of Psychopathology, 2009, album, CD
  • Grinding Aotearoa, 2008, split-EP w/ Malevolence, CD
  • A Promising Young Law Student, 2007, EP, CD
  • Hedonisic Cravings, 2005, album, CD
  • Repeat Offender, 2002, album, CD
  • $2 PE-EP, 2001, EP, CD
  • Deviance In Society, 1999, demo, CD