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Background information
Genres Pirate punk
Years active 1999-2004
Associated acts Deaf Terrorists, Hell Fucken Rumble, Liva Queens, Padded Cell, School of Meat, Awkward Death
Members Lisa Lucifer (bass/ vocals), Sian Sabotage (guitar/vocals), Sammy Vulture (violin) Jana Java (drums)
Past members Amelia (vocals), Kitty (drums), Adam (guitar), Rosemary (violin)


Interview with Sian Sabotage

When and who formed the Carnys? The Carnys started late 1999-early 2000 in Wellington with Amelia on vocals, Kitty on drums, Sian on guitar and Sammy on violin. Sammy and I (Sian) used to busk together and we would all hang out at “K” (Kensington) street where Lenny and Amelia lived. Lenny was not in the band but was a big creative influence at the beginning and she also named us the Carnys. Soon after forming Lisa joined to play bass.In 1999 our friend, Jeff Whittington, was murdered and so we started writing songs about discrimination, busking, drinking and various other local issues. The Carnys sound became a form of rough, raw, screamy, angry, happy, pirate punk. We became involved with supporting other bands, animal rights issues , The Freedom Shop, Mayday protests, Reclaim the Streets events and Punkfest

After Kitty moved on Jana took over as drummer. Adam played second guitar for a short while in the early days and Rosemary used to cover for Sammy on the violin when she wasn't around. The final Carnys line up was Sian (guitar), Lisa (bass), Sammy (violin) and Jana (drums).

What recordings were made? Carnys recorded songs for two compilations Woman's Work and Gowned and Bagged. We also recorded a self titled Carnys album in 2002 and a live CD from various gigs was also released. A song from the album is on the Stop The Bypass benefit compilation. The album was produced through Blair Jones’s NAY Records label, with Nathan Judge recording us and Aidan helping out with mixing. It was all recorded in one day and went pretty smoothly, although some of us were drunk by the end of the day and as the violin and vocals were done last they may have suffered from this.

Describe the best and worst gigs? Best - Punkfest 2004 for me. We weren't on the line up but we were all in Welly for the Punkfest and got asked to play. We hadn't played Wellington for ages and there was an awesome crowd. We played well as we had gotten tighter in the later years.

Worst - Probably in the early days when we were asked to play with some bands from our old high school. We were shit and our dancing girls kicked in the toilets, surprisingly this venue turned later out to be a bit of a local for us.


Carnys: Carnys: 1.Bob X, 2.Cookoos Nest, 3.Paranoid, 4.Needs Not Greed, 5.Home & Away, 6.White Rabbit, 7.Daggers, 8.Waiting Game, 9.Bodies, 10. Mr Macho, 11.Double Standard, 12.Bypass My Ass, 14. Untitled