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Communicade #1


Produced by members of the Hutt Valley punk band Compos Mentis, Communicade lasted only three issues from 1985 before tensions within the band led both the zine and the group to split in 1986. Featuring contributions from Craig, David, Grant, Heather and Simon, Communicade covered the New Zealand underground punk scene as well as printing reports, interviews and articles on Australia, the UK, Italy and the USA from an anarcho-punk perspective. Post Compos Mentis, Craig went on to co-produce Divided We Fall with other members of the band Nazgul.


  • Communicade #1 ANZUS, Interview with Five Year Mission (Napier), Civil Dissident (AUS), Lost Cherees (UK), Fascist Fashion, Interview with Depression (UK), DIY lemon beer
  • Communicade #2 Interview with False Existance (Cambridge) and Raped Teenagers (Sweden), record and tape reviews, NZ zine report, gig report from New Plymouth, interview with Brain Damage (AKL), Police: Protection or Oppression, Interview with G.A.S.H. (AUS), Rock Against Regan: San Francisco 1984,
  • Communicade #3 Interview with Casualty, Australian scene report, New Zealand update, record reviews, zines, tape distros, poems, West German scene report, Italy scene report, The State Music Business, Disorder interview.