Cult of the Cobra

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Cult of the Cobra
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Playing at Punkfest 2009
Background information
Years active 2009-2010
Associated acts Punchbowl, Malparido, Natural Glow
Past members Kimi G (vox),Steph St Utely (Bass), Sarsha Fierce (Guitar), Dorian Denny (Drums), Sammy Sting (Guitar), Alex


Cult of the Cobra was a punk/ metal/ hardcore band that emerged out of Punchbowl and included members Samantha and Alex from Natural Glow.

"Cult of the Cobra are totally lawless punk metal babes. With heavy riffs, thrashy bits, smart screamers and sassed up moves. Cobras GONNA MAKE YOU SWEAT. Notorious for booty bouncin’, rumpshakin’ partytimes on stage and after shows, they both bring it bedazzle it. Songs hold epic and wild admiration or blunt dismissal, telling of celebrities, creeps and crimes of the Cobras"


Cult of the Cobra: Cult of the Cobra
1.Nicholas Cage, 2.Dumpster Jackpot, 3.Spawn of Satan

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Cult of the Cobra



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