Dead Vicious

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Dead Vicious
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Background information
Origin Wellington
Genres old school political punk
Years active 2002 - 2017
Associated acts Schitzofrantics, Brubeck, SMUT, Adam Smith Assassination
Website Dead Vicious Bandcamp
Members Johnny B. Rough (drums), Grant Implant (bass, vocals), Bad Alan Baird-Smith (lead guitar, vocals), Ken Vicious (guitar, vocals)
Past members Justin Hooper, Rimu Tahuroa, Bill Wood, Stephen Doyle, Scotty McVicious


Dead Vicious are a four-piece punk band formed in February 2002 by Ken Vicious, Bill Wood, Justin Hooper and Rimu Tahuaroa. Singing songs about politics, greed, corporate welfare, materialism, social struggle, pirates and love while sounding like “Johnny Rotten meets Woodie Guthrie at the Ramones house” their noisy DIY "electric folk music" is grounded in an old school anarcho-punk ethos with the band's first gig taking place during an occupation of the old Stagecraft theatre building by community activists protesting the demolition of an inner-city neighbourhood for a motorway. The gig ended being shut-down with arrests and DV would later contribute a song to the Stop The Bypass compilation.

Underground Fest 2005
Over the last 15 years Dead Vicious have made smashing a television on stage their signature finale. As Ken puts it:
“I hate television and have never owned one, apart from the 30-odd I’ve smashed at gigs, most of which were defunct and kindly donated by friends. I see TV as an instrument of ruling class propaganda and corporate advertising, doing to the mind what McDonalds does to the body. Putting an axe through the screen is deeply satisfying and I would encourage kids to try this at home. When we played Underground Fest in Auckland some local friends kindly provided two TVs to smash, so we didn’t have to haul one up from Wellington. During our set some of the audience got stuck into the nice big one, leaving the smaller one for me to trash at the end of our final number".
Ken gets nailed
During a 2003 Mayday demonstration, held outside The Freedom Shop in upper Cuba Street, Ken was unceremoniously dumped to the ground by a police officer who took exception to axe swinging in public. The resulting fall broke his arm and put him out of action for two months.

Check out the video for Smash the State below to see some Ken Vicious vs TV vs police action.

Songwriter/ guitarist Ken Vicious has been the bands' constant in a series of line-up changes over the years that have included Kieran from Mr Sterile Assembly, Scotty from Tried for Treason and Brian Naughty of old-school Napier punks Five Year Mission.

Dead Vicious called time in 2017 with a final gig at the Newtown Bowls Club on April 29, 2017.


Dead Vicious: 1.North American Feed (2006), 2.Capitalist Cheerleaders.mp3 (2012)



  • Pick Of The Litter 2, 2005, Puppy Killer Records, tracks: 11.Ya Basta
  • Stop The Bypass, 2004, track 2. Smash The State