Deaf Terrorists

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Deaf Terrorists
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Background information
Also known as Def Terrorist
Genres Chaos punk
Years active 1999-2002
Associated acts Fatal Error, Floorpie, Pedal Faster, Carnys, Bonus Donor, Padded Cell, If I Had A Gun, Scab
Past members Blair Jones (vocals), Dan Fraser (drums), Tim (bass)


The Deaf Terrorists were one of those acts around 1999-2002 that wouldn't let you ignore them. Playing with the youngest drummer on the scene and with no guitarist their lead singer Blair Jones quickly earned a reputation for his confrontational performances.

Blair Jones on how the Deaf Terrorists formed:

I moved to Wellington from the Whanganui wanting to become infamous or influential. Being a hick from the sticks and a punk I was outta the loop they call a 'scene', so thought you couldn't move without having a job first and not having any real qualifications, I thought what better way to start than at a supermarket where famous people shopped. I was driven. I would watch as 'alternative' people would walk past, it was the 90s still, so I could ask them if they wanted to be in a punk band. The purpose, to start a band with non players and become the best thing since sliced bread. I also needed a job to buy all the instruments. This motivation came from jazz musicians and covers bands not letting me touch their shit and I never got a music lesson for Chrissy. To my parents music isn't work.

An Australian matching the description of a punk rocker called Tim walked in, I asked, he declined as he was here at AA but then came back and said ‘Yes’!

Blair on the search for a drummer/ meeting Dan:

Message boards are useless so I set about finding a drummer by walking round the streets holding a sign stating: “Drummer wanted”. When all hope seemed lost Mira, Dan's sister who was to become the drummer said, "My brother’s a drummer", little knowing that he was 14 at the time but it filled my egalitarian quota, we were cool.

Dan on meeting Blair

I heard about Blair through my sister who had met him on the street where he was sitting with a sign saying 'drummer wanted'. I never called him, because I was too scared, and a little while later i saw his band Punchbag, with Kieran from Loosehead/ Sterile filling in on drums, and Geoff (Little Guy with Big Hopes zine) pushed me to meet him and play drums. I was really intimidated at first, but Blair was a super nice guy if a little on the insane side, especially on stage.

Blair Jones on DTs antics

We went on to chuck food, piss everybody off, break other bands up, smash each other up, and spread salacious rumours about each other. The Wellington punk scene would never be the same again.

Dan on DTs antics

He really didn't give a fuck. It's weird, because I used to use the description 'NZ's answer to GG Allin', but that gives too much and too little credit to Blair's stage show. Some shows became notorious, such as playing Indigo's last All Ages gig, for a crowd of 13-18 yr olds and Blair running in halfway through a song to attack Tim with a plate of curry, later exposing himself to the audience (which he also did at a christian community hall show in Wanganui!), or the show where nobody would eat the sandwiches he'd made so he threw them at the audience and then attempted to climb the Thistle Hall rafters to drop spaghetti on people, only to drop it too early and have it land in the PA equipment!!


Deaf Terrorists: Chaos/ Reclaim The Streets From the compilation Gowned and Bagged: Wellington Youth Compilation (2000)