Golden Showers

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Golden Showers
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How to enjoy life in a police state
Genre punk
Dates April 2 1983
Location(s) Newtown Community Centre
Years active 1983
Founded by Capitol Chaos Promotions


Sick of Sweetwaters? Bored of Brown Trout! New Zealand Punks, Skins and Ragers for GOLDEN SHOWERS...a new wave celebration pissing over the others!

Organised by Capitol Chaos Promotions (made up of John Void of RIOT 111 and Gerald Dwyer of Flesh D-Vice) the Golden Showers concert held on Easter Saturday of 1983 took place at the Newtown Community Hall, Rintoul Street. The gathering brought together punk bands from all over New Zealand and followed on from the Underground Emerges gig in late January. According to Dwyer the need to organise arose from the eternal problem of having nothing else to do.
Wellington gigs at the moment, consist of guys in their 30s playing boring, middle-of-the-road rock. There are no venues for young bands to play since most of the band members and the audience they play to are under 20. We want to prove that punk concerts can be safe. Gerald Dwyer, 1983, Evening Post

The gig sold out the 500 capacity hall and was deemed to be a wild success despite the police breaking it up early. However most of the bands had played by then and Void's live recording of the gig was released a year later as Capitol Kaos on Jayrem records.


Live recordings of the Golden Showers concert released as Capitol Kaos in 1984.
Capitol Kaos 1.Intro 2.Filthy Punk Rockers 3.Riot Fever 4.What A Great Cuntry 5.Dead Girlss 6.1984 7.Move To Riot 8.Fascist Tango 9.Do The Jug 10.Ake, Ake, Ake 11.Never Can Tell 12.You're Gonna Go Down 13.You Don't Look 14.Fuck Off Embarrassment 15.Youth On Our Side 16.Outro


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