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Huffin Glue
Background information
Origin Lorne Street
Genres Crust/ D-Beat
Years active 2012 - now
Associated acts Awkward Death, Carnys, If I Had A Gun
Website Gutrot666
Members Duncan (bass), Adam (guitar), Joe (vocals), Mucky (drums)


The pathology of Gutrot initially festered at the Lorne Street dungeon during late-2012 in the jam sessions of bassist Duncan and guitarist Adam (The Carnys, If I Had A Gun). Eager to spread the sickness Mucky (formerly of Caskgrinder and Drug Lord) jumped in on drums and Joe on vocals. Gutrot play D-Beat/ Crust that they describe as manic depression trying to have fun. With songs like Kentucky Fried Undead and Buttroll Renegades (about “running out of smokes and doing midnight missions to the train station to get butts to roll up, generally being a dero cos your dole has not come through yet”) Gutrot's pessimistic view of humanity can be summarized as “People are shit and should fuck off”. Their debut album “Rough As Guts” recorded and mastered at Scumbag College by GC Vanya is set to be released on June 7, 2013.


Gutrot soundcloud demos