Hung Jury

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Hung Jury
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Hung Jury
Background information
Origin Onslow/ Kapiti
Genres Hardcore/punk/ska
Years active 2001 - 2008
Associated acts Bonus Donor, The Deadline, Numbskull
Website Hung Jury on Bandcamp
Past members Kathy (guitar/vocals/violin), Nick (drums), Pete (guitar/vocals/harmonica), Rupert (bass, vocals)


Hung Jury were a four piece punk band with members Nick and Kathy, from Onslow college while Rupert and Peter were from Paraparaumu. The band formed in late 2001 after Nick and Rupert met via the Punkas forums. Originally named “A Well Hung Jury” the band shortened the name when the joke became stale.

By mid-2002 Hung Jury had released their first 5 song EP “Spasms and Falafel Kebabs” and also featured on a number of live recordings and compilations including "Underground Resistance", "Unearned Income", "Stop the Bypass", and "Pick of The Litter vol. 2".

At present Kathy and Pete are studying and living in Dunedin, Rupert is in Auckland and Nick is playing in Wellington grindcore band Numbskull. Although Hung Jury claims they are still together, they have not played since the beginning of 2008.


Hung Jury: Off Daze

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Stream Spazms and Felafel Kebabs on the Hung Jury Bandcamp page