Johnny and the Felchers

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Johnny and the Felchers
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Felchers Only
Background information
Origin Lorne Street
Genres old school
Years active 2012
Labels Zero Style
Associated acts Numbskull, Meth Drinker
Members Lizard (vocals), Street Hammer (guitar), Shitrag (bass), Johnny Zero (drums)


Johnny and the Felchers play dirty graveyard old school punk in the style of late 70s Californian bands Fear and Circle Jerks. Born in the dungeons of Lorne Street JATF have released three albums on drummer Johnny Zero's tape only label Zero Style.


Johnny and the Felchers: 1.Street Gash, 2.Belushi Blitz, 3.Belushi Blitz (demo), 2. Killing Myself to Live (demo)

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UTPTV EP:01 Johnny and the Felchers

Deep in the shadows of Vogeltown Johnny and the Felchers have been lurking in their dungeon of depravity patiently waiting to unleash a Belushi Blitz on an unsuspecting Wellington grown smug and complacent on a diet of renovation makeover shows and #teamkey sing alongs.