Life In the Fridge Exists

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Life In The Fridge Exists
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LIFE playing at Thistle Hall
Background information
Also known as LIFE
Years active 1980-81
Labels None
Associated acts Beat Rhythm Fashion, Naked Spots Dance, RIOT 111, The Wallsockets, ?FOG
Past members Sue Forbes, Nick Swan (guitar), Sam Swan, Adrienne Hally, Mike Gallagher


One of the core bands in Wellington's Terrace Scene (as featured in Chris Knox's 1980 documentary on Wellington music) The band made their debut at Billy The Club's Queens Birthday weekend Rockfest extravaganza alongside similarly new acts Shoes This High, the Wallsockets, and Domestic Blitz. Bringing a playful theatricality to their performances LIFE brought a Dadaist sensibility to the early Wellington scene.
Life In the Fridge Exists (complete with genuine fridge) debuted on Sunday night. This band (I use the term loosely) offered an interesting version of Johnathon Richman's Hospital and a shambolic anti-Phil O'Brien ode. The crowd went bananas and called them back for an encore of Jean Genie, which they'd never played before. This lot were purely the most entertaining event of the weekend.<ref name="Maclennan">Maclennan, D., In Touch, June, 1980</ref>

In late 1980 LIFE recorded a number of original tracks at Sausage Studios, three of which feature on the **** (Four Stars) compilation. Have You Checked The Children, the first track on the compilation, is regarded by some as the defining theme song for this era of Wellington punk/ post-punk. The title references a 1970's slasher horror movie in which a babysitter is tormented over the phone by an unseen psychopath. LIFE's song neatly turns this around casting the children (who have all become 'punks') of Wellington's complacent middle class as the imminent threat to polite adult society. Wade Churton's 1999 book on New Zealand punk and post-punk from 1977-81 references this song in it's title <ref name="Churton">Churton, W. R., (1999)""Have you checked the children?" : punk and post-punk music in New Zealand, 1977-1981"</ref>. LIFE played in the Cuba Mall and Thistle Hall circuit during 1980-81 before splitting with guitarist Nick Swan continuing the use of music and 'theatrics' in New Zealand's first political punk band RIOT 111.


LIFE: 1.Have You Checked The Children 2.Jean Genie 3.Phil

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**** (Four Stars), 1981, Sausage Records, Have You Checked The Children, First Death Take, Peter The D





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