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Origin Invercargil
Years active 1992-2001
Associated acts Wazzo Ghoti, Deaf Terrorists, Mr Sterile Assembly
Members Aaron Lloyd (guitar), Kieran Monaghan (drums), Grant Sutherland (bass)
Past members (guitarists) Justin Bull, Dave Matthews, Greg Pugh, Phillip Scahill, Leilani


Loosehead was formed in 1992 by Kieran Monaghan and Grant Sutherland formally of Invercargill punk band Moral Fibre. Playing their first gig down south in February the band relocated to Wellington in early 1993 and became a three-piece. Infused with a strong DIY punk ethos the band were keen to progress musically beyond the traditional 4/4 rock music of their roots while maintaining a strong social-political message in their lyrics.

As one of the longest running bands within the Wellington scene of the 90's, Loosehead were active in organising gigs and recordings, and setting up the Wellington Singles Club in 1996 to pool resources between bands for the release of a series of 7" acetate singles. Artwork for these was provided by local cartoonists Tim Bollinger and Frances Tunnicliff. Bands featured included Cowcatcher, Diecast, The Offbeats and Scote.

Loosehead's desire to play outside the narrow confines of 'punk orthodoxy' saw them collaborate with the experimental theatre group 'Roadworks' established by Sally Rodwell and Alan Brunton of Red Mole fame. This collaboration saw them playing experimental soundscapes for a series of avant-garde/ Dada styled shows. “There were several other side projects as well. A fun one was called “Lulu White's Mahogany Hall” which involved playing Loosehead songs but re-worked to be kinda 1930's style swing/jazz/lounge music.”

As the 1990s wore on Loosehead became increasingly frustrated with the Wellington punk scene. “Punk, for me, means fuck the scene. It's not about the scene, the club, the in-club, or the fashion. It did and remains to this day about the intention. If you've gone from being an outsider to an insider then you've lost the way. Acceptance was never part of the plan.” By the late 1990's Kieran was needing to find another vehicle to further explore a more experimental form of music and started recording as The Mr Sterile Assembly.


Loosehead: 1.Crowbar, 2.Flash and Exposure, 3.Turikina



  • Ugly, 1999, CD
  • Pet Shop Gourmet, 1999, CD, 12 songs
  • Dork, CD, 4 songs
  • First Aid Kit, 1996, tape,10 Songs


  • All We Have Is Difference, Kafuy


Loosehead: Dork (1999)
Loosehead: Petshop Gourmet (1999)
Loosehead: Ugly
Loosehead: First Aid Kit (1996)