Lorne Street

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Lorne Street
Lorne Street
Address 13 Lorne St
Location Wellington
Type Punk flat
Genre(s) 1086 punk
Opened 2008
Demolished 2014


13 Lorne Street is the glorious green fortress of a flat located smack bang in between a fish factory and a community church. It became known as HMPCO!!!?!, which stands for Heavy Metal Party Club, oi.. Over the last five years it has played host to a multitude of gigs, practices and parties. From Backyard Burial to Brick vs. Face, Lorne Street has seen (in the author's personal opinion) nearly every decent underground hardcore punk band NZ has had to offer in the last half decade.

In October 2008, international hardcore punk act Conquest For Death laid waste to a handful of energetic punters in the downstairs dungeon. Then in January 2009, Portland's Lebenden Toten followed suit, destroying the ear drums of all who dared enter the lair of Lorne. A brief and not nearly complete list of the local bands that played here during the gory years here would include: Strangers, Scab, Shortlived, Drug Problem, Malparido!, Neon Bastard, Gaywyre, The Dauntless, Shock Futuro, Entrails, Numbskull, Meth Drinker, In Cahoots, Cult of the Cobra, Psychic Jams and The Guilt Society. Also out-of-towners Aborted Christians, Electric Mayhem, Wasteland, and Crawler.. the list could not be completed due to memories lost at the bottom of a bottle.

Though its live show days are dormant, the grossly graffitied lower level of Lorne remains to serve as a rehearsal space for locals Numbskull, Johnny and the Felchers, and Wellington's heavy metal masters Razorwyre. The original flatmates have all moved on, after a bloody good four year stint, but some young punks have moved in and are keeping the derelict dream alive.