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Up The Punks is an online community archive project documenting the punk scene of New Zealand/ Aotearoa's capital city, Wellington. Beginning in 2002 with an exhibition at Thistle Hall Up The Punks seeks to fill in the blank spaces in Wellington's punk history and present an alternative narrative of the city as told through the fans, gigs, bands, music, zines and art.

Contact/ Contribute

Spotted an error? Think we've missed something important? Want to add your stories to the mix?

Up The Punks is always keen to hear from anyone with information to share. Become an Up The Punks contributor and add content directly to the site or contact UTP and we can post your stories, pics, audio, video up for you.

Email: mail[at]

Recent Updates

Up The Punks is currently going through a re-upload of all its content. Sorry not sorry for the mess


UTP tagged along with D-beat crust punks Rogernomix on their Australia/ SE Asia tour. Read the story at Rogernomix Tour of OZ / Asia 2016.


UTP2012 poster #6

10 years after the original exhibition Up The Punks 2012 returned to Thistle Hall gallery with an updated format, more photos, more music and more rungus good times. Held from November 6 - 11 UTP 2012 was accompanied by two gigs combining bands from different eras and musical interpretations of punk. Gettin Worse: Punx Still Angry and No Wave Spacktackular


UTP2002 poster

Up The Punks 2002 was an exhibition held at Thistle Hall gallery from October 16-30, 2002. Curated by John Lake and Kerry Ann Lee the exhibition was an initial attempt to plug the gaps in Wellington's historical record of the local punk scene.

Up The Punks 2002 Video

The original video made for the Up The Punks 2002 exhibition.

Up The Punks Episode 1
Up The Punks Episode 2
Up The Punks Episode 3