Mr Sterile Assembly

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Mr Sterile Assembly
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Photo: Roger Grauwmeijer
Background information
Origin Happy Valley
Genres outsider punk
Years active 2001 - now
Labels Skirted Records
Associated acts Loosehead, DSLB, Mr Sterile
Members Chrissy (bass/ vox), Kieran (drums/vox)
Past members Aaron Lloydd, Te Kupu, Jeff Henderson, Nell Thomas, Sarsha Douglas


Formed in 2001, the Mr Sterile Assembly mutated through many versions of line-up until settling on the number 'two'. During this period of transition they released a book, 4 albums and toured Australia, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. Over the years they have been classified as punk, math rock, experimental, noise rock, alt rock and outsider punk, and think the latter is as close as it gets to pinning a label to their music.

Mr Sterile Assembly have a distinctive South Pacific sound based on unusual and urgent time signatures, repetitive heavy rhythms, and angular lyrics. Songs are typically epic, with complex arrangements, and often recount the personal stories behind current or historical events.

The band are known for their mercurial nature reflected in their diverse recordings, performance events and artistic collaborations. For their 2011 album, Transit, Mr Sterile commissioned or was gifted an artwork in response to each song and toured the album nationally as a visual and sonic exhibition. Artists involved in this project included: Campbell Kneale, Tao Wells, Garage Collective, James Robinson, Stefan Neville, Jeff Henderson, Andrew Ross, Suhartono, Deborah Barton, Roger Morris and Kerry Ann Lee.

In 2012 they supported CRASS front man Steve Ignorant and his band but you could just as easily find them playing a fundraiser on the back of a flatbed truck for a local small town fair. Over their 10 years, Mr Sterile have continuously re-invented themselves with shifting line-ups and collaborations. The current two-piece line-up is reportedly the most assertive and explosive to date.

Both Chrissie and Kieran also release music as solo projects under the respective names Ditzy Squalls Lunch Box (DSLB) and Mr Sterile.


Mr Sterile Assembly: 1.Hibakusha, 2.Babylon Express


  • Transit (2011), CD/ download, 11 tracks
  • Bug My Ride (2009), CD/ download, 8 tracks
  • 15 Minute Crib (2006), download, 8 tracks
  • Hulagu (2004), CD/ download, 11 tracks