Natural Glow

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Natural Glow
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Natural Glow
Background information
Origin Wellington
Genres punk/ metal
Years active 2009-2010
Associated acts Punchbowl, Malparido, Cult of the Cobra, Fantails
Past members Kimi G (vox),Steph St Utely (Bass), Sarsha Fierce (Guitar), Dorian Denny (Drums)


Punk/metal hardcore from an all girl band featuring members of Cult of the Cobra, Punchbowl and Fantails. This is a starter page - to add more information on Natural Glow contact UP THE PUNKS


Natural Glow: Young Gifted and Fat
1.Young, Gifted and Fat, 2.Shooting Stars, 3.RTDs

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  • Young, Gifted and Fat, digital album, October 2010, 6 tracks


Young Gifted and Fat

21 November 2010