Onslaught 12

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Onslaught 12
Dates 26-27 August 2016
Location(s) Dunedin Musos Club/ The Crown Hotel
Founded by Bolshy McBard


Dunedin makes a big hooha about its literary heritage and connection to Scottish poet Robbie Burns so it’s kind of fitting that the only NZ punk festival of any note in 2016 is organised by Twizel's own poet of the people and all round diamond geezer Bolshy McBard. Now in its 12th instalment Onslaught brought together 19 bands from around New Zealand for a weekend of good times in the cheese roll eating, scarfie polluted, gothic grimness of Dunners.

Originally started in 2007 as an excuse to get his new band, Bazooka, a gig with bands he liked, the original Onslaughts were held at the now defunct Arc Cafe. Now held over a Friday and Saturday night Onslaught’s has made its home in the Dunedin Musos Club and the always trusty Crown Hotel.

2015’s grumblings about it being the last Onslaught have obviously not eventuated and a large part of this has been due to people stepping up to help out and keep it a DIY fest people can contribute to as a community. Donations from Agency Ink Tattoos and Artisan Screen Prints were matched with goodies for a raffle and some traditional South Island mutton-bird from Matt and April. With some of the organisational pressure being shared Bolshy hopes to keep up the Onslaught our sanity, hearing and livers for the foreseeable future.