Punk Will Eat Itself: Rock N Roll and Flaming Souls

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The events of 1981 were a watershed moment for New Zealand and the Wellington scene. Violence at gigs was turning away a lot of people who had been involved with the first wave and making it harder to book venues. Whereas many of the early bands had been heavily improvisational and keen to experiment in the post-punk spirit of 'rip it up and start again' the events of the tour heralded a new era split between a dark, stripped down, nihilistic hard-rock sound ,and on the other, by a politicised, social-reform, anarcho-punk agenda. At the center of this back-to-basics rock was the band Flesh D-Vice led by the influential Gerald Dwyer. Formed in late 1982 Flesh D-Vice were organising large multi-band events such as Golden Showers within a few months later. In terms of atmosphere and musical style the Golden Showers gig seems to be from a different planet to the relatively 'playful' punk seen at the New Wave Special 78 five years earlier. Gone were the use of swastikas as art-school shock props to be replaced by menacing boot-boy gangs from Wainui, Newlands and the Terrace slam-dancing to bands with names such as Final Solution and Zyclon-B.

This section focuses on the bands and events that characterised this 80's form of "death-rock". With its fantasy horror imagery and 'party till we puke' attitude Punk Will Eat Itself reveals a splintering in the Wellington scene between those who saw society as having no future and those wanting to imagine a better one.


  • 1.Flesh D-Vice: Invisible Man
  • 2.Subdominants: Last Sup