Punkfest 1999

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Punkfest 1999
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14 bands, 3 days, oh the humanity
Genre Punk as fuck
Dates 22-24 October 1999
Location(s) Thistle Hall, 178 Wakefield Street
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After a one year hiatus during 1998 when no Punkfest was held Punkfest '99 was the first one to be organised by what came to be known as the Punkfest Organising Committee. The original membership of this included Lynn, Nicki, Aiden, Nathan and Kerry Ann-Lee. Thistle Hall was again the venue for the Friday night and Saturday afternoon gigs during Punkfest 1999 while the Saturday night events had to be held at 178 Wakefield Street, a central city office block that had been turned into a rough flat by Mike, Dan and Greg from band Fatal Error. This was the last Punkfest to be held at Thistle Hall as Wellington city became increasingly gentrified during the 2000's. Included below is Matt Sharpe's excellent video on Punkfest 1999 featuring amongst other people Mark Leong, Kerry Ann Lee, Ross Gardener and a cast of hundreds.

Line Up

Friday: Fatal Error, Floorpie, Self Harm (PNorth), The Knuckle Draggers (Nelson), The Coolies (AKL)
Saturday: Loosehead, The Creedlers (Nelson), Toxic Shock Syndrome (Auckland), DSM (AKL), Malevolence (AKL), Deaf Terrorists, Team Townace (Hamilton), Guttered (AKL), Daredevil (AKL)