Punkfest 2010

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Punkfest 2010
No sponsors, No profits
Genre Punk as fuck
Dates 23 October 2010
Location(s) Irish Society Hall
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Originally intended to follow the usual 2 night/ 3 day Punkfest schedule the whole weekend was nearly scratched after the owners of the Wellington Car Club decided to cancel the venue booking Punkfest had held for the last four years less than a week out. Pulling out all the stops the Punkfest organising committee managed to book the Irish Society Hall in central Wellington for the Saturday night of Labour Weekend. With Punkfest 2010 now reduced to a one night event the line up was stripped down to a 19 bands in 9 hours punktravaganza.


Lager Louts, Domestic Violence, The Vrill, Electric Mayhem, Cask Grinder, Natural Glow, Foe, Meth Drinker, Filthy Lucifer, Rogernomix, Crawler, Teen Hygiene, Basura Blanca, Hatewanx, Oil Barons, Malevolence, Conniption, Wasteland, Shortlived