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Rogernomix 7" Anonymous
Rogernomix, Anonymous
Background information
Origin Wellington
Genres D Beat, Crust
Years active 2009 - current
Labels Always Never Fun
Associated acts Downer Buzz, Shortlived, Fantails, Bone Cruncher, Meth Drinker, Freak Magnet, Unsanitary Napkin
Website Rogernomix
Members Ben (drums), Sam (guitar/ vocals), Sarsha (bass), Tanya (vocals)


Rogernomix are a D-beat/ crust/ fast-punk band from Wellington, New Zealand. Heavily influenced by 80s Swedish D-Beat punk bands such as Totalitar and Anti Cimex Rogernomix take their name from the minister of finance (1984-1989) for New Zealand's fourth Labour government, Roger Douglas, and his prescription of hardline neo-liberal economic reforms that became known as Rogernomics.

Rogernomix formed in 2009 out of the ruins of Wellington fast-punk band Shortlived which featured Sarsha and Sam, and Auckland's The Wrongmen with Ben on drums. Vocalist Tanya was roped in after Sam heard her "singing along to punk songs in time". Rogernomix' members have been involved in many more recent bands including: Meth Drinker, The Johos and Downer Buzz (Sam); The All Seeing Hand, Unsanitary Napkin (Ben); Freak Magnet, Fantails and Bone Cruncher (Sarsha).

In keeping with their title Rogernomix play hardcore punk that explores the contemporary social and political zeitgeist. Beginning with the 2009 Demo and its themes of post-GFC "recession core" punk and continuing to 2014's election year release, Big Stinking Pile, Rogernomix have so far had to endure their entire 7 year existence under the smug grin of John Key's National government. All of which has provided the band with a rich source of targets in the media and political sphere for both song writing and imagery, as provided by French artist Alex Ratcharge and Wellington's own Daily Secretion/ Hannah Salmon.

In 2016 Rogernomix are planning on releasing a split 12" with fellow Wellington D-beat band Bone Cruncher and taking on a tour of Australia and South East Asia. A page documenting the Rogernomix Tour of OZ / Asia 2016.


Introducing Rogernomix: Radio New Zealand interview, November 11, 2012


Rogernomix: 1.Right To Crime, 2.Rogernomix