Rogernomix Tour of OZ / Asia 2016

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Rogernomix Tour 2016
Rogernomix asiatour2016 poster02.jpg
Rogernomix in OZ/ Asia
Genre d-beat, crust
Begins May 5
Ends May 29
Frequency one off
Location(s) Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines
Years active 1
Inaugurated 2016
Participants Rogernomix


SE Asia contacts

D-beat/ crust lords Rogernomix are embarking on the first tour of Australia and South East Asia by a Wellington punk band in recent memory. UTP is tagging along to document the tour de rungus through our neighbours backyard across the ditch and the less well trodden route through Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. Kicking off in Brisbane with Total Attack the Rogernomnoms will be teaming up with Melbourne hardcore punks Tactical Attack for a tour down the east coast before jetting to Perth and then crash landing in the steaming metropolis of Kuala Lumpur. From there it'll be a nine day barrage through a host of DIY punk venues and festivals ending Quezon City, Manilla. UTP is setting up this page as a guide for future NZ punk bands wanting to tour through this neck of the woods.

Some Kind of Roger

May 6-8 Total Attack: Brisbane

Total Attack is a 3 day festival of punk, metal, hard rock, crust, doom and everything in between. Put on by NGM Records the fest is now in its 6th year. After $6000 was raised for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in Melbourne last year Total Attack will again be donating all profits to the ASRC. The venue for Total Attack #6 is the Beetle Bar in Brisbane's CBD.

Total Attack #6




May 10 Lismore: The Tatts

The Tatts, Lismore

With the three day onslaught of Total Attack now nothing more than a mouldy beer stain on a newly acquired CUM shirt, Rogernomnom's were picked up by Canine's John Irish in his friend's cleaning company van. Crammed into a late model VW tourer with all the bells and whistles the road trip down Australia's eastern seaboard begins with band besties Tactical Attack riding shotgun.

Irish has a mandatory swim quota on tour and we ended up at one of his first swimming spots in the late afternoon. A typical Ozzie seaside village that felt uncomfortably like the home of crazed dungeon torturer, Alf we had been warned about on our in-flight videos into Oztralia. Nevermind, with the Tactical Nomnoms braving the jellyfish infested waters and cleansing Brisbane's 3 day orgy of bands and beer we progressed in convoy to a free camping spot at Minyon Falls for a kip in the great Australian outback.

After driving all day, with a stop at Tea Tree lake for a swim, we reached Lismore in the early evening for a gig at old school pub The Tatts. There's a decent sized room out the back for bands and the venue regularly hosts everything from metal to acid laced gypsy jazz while families gorge on surf 'n' turf out front.

Local anarcho-punk bands Common Enemy and This Thing Called Progress had sorted out the details on the ground. Both bands play swapsies with their members and feature Aris Prabawa, member of legendary Indonesian punk band Black Boots. Aris has been living in Byron Bay since 2002 where he's been working on the awesome anti-capitalist artwork that graces both bands releases and has featured in numerous gallery exhibitions. Check out his artist blog at Aris Prabawa ART.

Given its a Tuesday night in the relatively small town of Lismore no one's expecting a massive night but a crowd of 30 or so turn up for out of towners Tactical Attack and the mysterious "Roger M" (according to the sign out front). Someone who's name I didn't get kicks off a solo guitar/ vocals set of covers and originals. Common Enemy were up next and impressed with their twin vocal d-beat styles sounded liker the Ocker cousins of Wellington band Bonecruncher. Next up the old shitcharooney and Aris hops on guitar while local town punisher Michael gets behind the bongos for some old-school styled classic 80s punk-rock with This Thing Called Progress.


May 11 Newcastle: The Croat

May 12 Sydney: Black Wire Records

Black Wire Records
This was a show I was really looking forward to, playing with some of my favourite bands in existence! Black Wire Records is a great venue in Sydney that rocks the earlier show vibe that a nana like me enjoys very much. Glory Hole is a local queercore band that have been around for a few years now. Always intense, emotive performances and this set was no exception. Our tour-mates Tactical Attack put on another sterling show too – enjoy them more and more with each performance. Canine is one of my favouritist bands ever. Full of superb people and riffs – they is my jaaaaams. Even tho I’ve seen them quite a few times now, I was genuinely shocked at how awesome they are [*fan girl haard*]. Had fun playing with Rogos with many Sydney-residing mates in attendance and a night ended with vegan ice cream and cosy sleeps at the Butt Mount crib. Sarsha


May 13 Melbourne: Hot Shots

  • Hot Shits gig with Tactical Attack, Debacle, Umbilical Tentacle, Contaminated, Axilism

May 14 Adelaide: Animal House

and JOHNNY-5

May 15 Melbourne: Essendon

May 16 Melbourne: Bendigo Hotel

May 19 Perth: 208 Maylands

SE Asia tour
Bon Scott w/ TJ for scale
Few NZ punk bands make it to Perth to play – just too damn expensive to get there by plane, otherwise its a few days stuck in a car from the east. But since we were heading to SE Asia anyways, and wanting to play there for some time, why the hell not!

We had a few days in Perth in prep for our next leg in SE Asia. We were put up and looked after most hospitably by Luke from Territory – an awesome d-beat band who also played at Total Attack in Brizzy earlier in the tour. 208 is a rad, old house venue in Perth that’s been around for about 15 years. Merch action in the kitchen, bands in the downstairs room. Cold Meat started the night off in fine form – rocky, dancy punk followed by a noisey, dark set from Self Harm. Rogernomnoms’ set was fun AF. Sam had the maddest pedal/mic stand DIY PAF set up I ever seen due to cable complications. Worked a charm and looked rungusly cool. We were also streamed live! “We’re going LIIIIIVE!”

The chill/casual factor was at a premium in Perth. From sharing anti-drug and alcohol ads from our respective nations, hanging at the Bon Scott statue (lolz), eating all the mock meat at Utopia, to drinking beers next to Kangaroos – it was the perfect and well-needed interlude to the ruckus times prior and to come. Sarsha


May 20 Kuala Lumpar - Malaysia: Rumah Api

SE Asia tour
Kuala Lumpur

Touching down in Kuala Lumpur for the first gig of Rogernomix's SE Asian tour we were met by Choi and Wan who are both involved in the local KL scene through Tandang record store, Cactus Distribution, Shock and Awe zine and local punk house Rumah Api

After a feed and some 3 Horses (16% beer) in central KL it was on the metro for Ampang.

Rumah Api follows a strict non-racist/ homophobic/ sexist protocol outlined in big clear letters for any idiots thinking it'll be a fun place to cause shit. In the six years the venue has been running it's had to deal with the rise of local bone head neo-nazi's Malay Power resulting in attempted fire-bombings and street skirmishes, but also leading to the rise of a local SHARP faction.

Rumah Api has also come under the watch of local police with a raid in 2015 leading to the mass arrest of 130 people at the venue. Foreigners who'd turned up to the gig without any ID were detained for 4 days along with locals, and while all charges of promoting "anarchism" were eventually dropped, the state action was clearly aimed at sending a message to those in the punk scene critical of the government.

Unfortunately as with anything good the government has to fuck it up and Rumah Api is scheduled to be demolished to make way for the Suke Highway. Punks have been running a campaign to promote local opposition to the roads destruction of the surrounding neighbourhood. As of June 2016 Rumah Api still lives.

Kuala Lumpur Links

May 21 Kuantan - Malaysia: Black Jacket Calling: DIY Fest

Kuantan DIY Fest

May 22 Singapore: XXXXXX

Singapore Poster


  • Prohibited Projects

May 24 Tanjung Pinang/ Indonesia

May 25 Bogor/ Indonesia

May 26 Bandung/ Indonesia: Club Racun

May 27 Sabah/ Malaysia

SE Asia poster

May 28 Manila/ Philippines: Selda Dos

Manila Poster

A Night of Devastating Noise
Rogernomix touch down in Manila, after catching a red eye flight from Kota Kinabalu sometime around midnight. Tom Morello’s bladder nearly burst at the KK check-in as some frantic internet booking of an onward flight from the Philippines was made.

We’re met at NAIA’s chaotic airport terminal in the wee hours of May 28 by Delusion of Terror CEO, Emmanuel. After the relative order of KK, Malaysia, Manila’s chaotic streets are a whole new level of rungusness.

We manage to crash for a few hours before having to contemplate the last gig of Rogernomix’s tour. Our host Emman has been polluting minds with the finest crust, grind and D-beat by local and overseas bands through his Delusion of Terror record label since 2003. Despite DOTs motto of “Harsh sounds for a harsh world” Emman is actually chill as fuck, this being a necessary requisite for shepherding frazzled bands through Manila’s notoriously fucked up infrastructure.

We get to the venue, Selda Dos in Quezon City, after getting stuck in rush hour traffic for two hours. It’s a small bar located in an old police station complete with cells and a mocked up electric chair. Sam jams some gypsy jazz from the hot seat as Emman gets shit set up.

We meet some of the locals as they arrive and set up tables hawking patches, zines and tapes. Heaps of them seem to know of Rogernomix through one of Sam’s previous bands, the mighty Meth Drinker, tapes of which have been circulating around SE Asia thanks to Cactus Records and DOT. Song’s like Narco Terror would soon become way too relevant to Duterte’s “war on drugs”.

Billed as “A Night of Devastating Noise” the gig features a bunch of grind, stoner doom, and crust bands. My brain is so fried at this point I’m happy to just sup beers and chill in the humid Manila night. Rogernomix take the stage and play a blistering set that seems even shorter than usual as everyone seems pretty shattered. We end the night drinking on the streets of Cristobal baranguay in the shadow of a giant Unilever factory pumping out scented soaps and toxic waste into the nearby Pasig river. Rogers are out!


  • Bam Sickos Art sick as illustrator based in Manila with a hard-on for skulls and weed.
  • Delusion of Terror 1-man band hardcore metal and punk record label, distribution, tour facilitator and rider of the red horse.



Manila Is Burning

San Fernando, Pampanga

Cheerio in Pampanga

A week after Rogernomix boosts back home UTP joins Japanese hardcore party punks Cheerios on a short tour north of Manila. First up is the city of San Fernando, Pampanga only an hour or so drive by bus once you get out of the inner city gridlock. The gig is being put on by local crew Notorious Scene, a collective that’s been organising shows and promoting local bands since 1994.

Once you’re outside of the dystopian metropolis of Manila you can appreciate how much more green and pleasant the Philippines is. Our first stop in the city of San Fernando is a local mall to buy a birthday cake for band hero Francis’ mother. I say “hero” because in the line-up that night he ends up playing in 5 of the local bands, four of the them as drummer. This would be considered be considered beyond the call of duty in NZ.

It’s a boozy lunch in the suburbs of San Fernando and the only drink on offer is the local brandy so I know I’m gonna be pretty much fucked for later tonight. After washing down lunch with the Emperador we get to the venue on Jose Abad Santos Avenue where Cheerio waste no time in pulling out a mini-keg of sake. Kan-pie!

The rest of the night becomes a big blur of bands, some new local acts and some more established with the most constant factor being Francis behind the kit. A couple of the bands have come all the way up from Naga City with members of Malicious Existence making the 18 hour bus journey to play and head straight back the next day!! Talk about a masochistic existence. By the time Cheerio play I’m fighting gravity while sliding down a wall. The Japanese punks play loud and fun tunes with the tag team vocalists doing worthy impersonations of drunk sumo wrestlers in the hot and sweaty resto bar. I lose my battle with gravity and end up asleep under a table.

Check Out:


Cheerio in Malolos

Emman’s sussed out some accommodation for us in one of those cheap hotels that market to the Philippines notorious sex tourist market. Nearly a dozen rather large blokes crammed into two small rooms with signs on the wall to “Love Me Here”.

We catch a short ride to Malolos City in neighbouring Bulacan province where we meet up with Louie Garcia and Dyey Reyes of Northern Territory collective. Both have been doing their own DIY thing here since the early 2000’s. The Emperador comes riding in on his Red Horse.

Saturday’s gig has been organised at Zouck resto bar, a decent sized hall with a dance floor normally home to more sedate music. Some of the bands from last night have made the journey for a repeat and there’s a smattering of local acts with a mix a hardcore, doom and 90s throwback Korn type flavours. I’m assuming I passed out when Cheerio played because I have no memory of it and there’s nothing on the camera. Emman checks us all into another sex hotel.

Check Out

Quezon City/ Manila

Manila is Burning

So here we are again. A week or so later and back at Selda Dos where Cheerio are joined by fellow compatriots Vivisick, who have opted for a fly in fly out one day show from Tokyo to Manila and straight back afterwards. Madness!!! It’s an afternoon matinee show but plenty of people have already boozing out front. Vivisick are celebrating their 20th year and having toured the Philippines 8 years earlier they have a dedicated fanbase for their manic thrashcore. Think I missed some bands while hanging out front but caught A.D.A, Kaktus and Kill Ratio before Vivisick took the stage. Vivisick go off and the night ends with Cheerio and some fun time party punk. Tom Morello out!!!

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Bam Sickos Art


One thing you find in punk scenes everywhere is that there's a hell of a lot of sick as artists making all those posters, albums, t-shirts and zines look dope as fuck! In the Philippines I was lucky enough to catch up with the highly prolific Indonesian artist Bam Sicko who's been living in Manila for the last five years. His work appears on punk and stoner metal releases and gigs throughout Asia. Skulls and weed forever!


My name is Bram Ibrahim and I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia. My friends call me Bam or sometimes I just put the name Bam Sickos

I first got into punk rock in the early 90s. The common bands like the Sex Pistols, Ramones and so on and then I discovered more hardcore punk and was really attracted by the record art particularly the art of Pushead and Winston Smith. That’s when I first start making artwork. At first I just imitate what other illustrators do.

Rogernomix Philippines tour art

What was that early punk scene in Indonesia like?
As far as I know the first punk in Indonesia started in the early 90s. In 1990 with the first hardcore punk band from Indonesia, Antiseptic, Began playing and writing their own music. But it didn’t fully evolve until the mid-90s. And especially after the reformation movement in 1998 when the old dictator, Suharto, fall. We had this euphoria where we are free to talk about anything, to learn about anything, to express our self. That’s when I got more into punk rock and all the activism.

How does the punk scene here compare with Jakarta?
I’ve been in Philippines for more than five years now, so I’m more familiar with the local scene now in the Philippines. I can not compare the scene here with Indonesia because Indonesia is crazy, it’s huge, it’s very active. But in the Philippines, this is the first punk scene in South East Asia and they still have this DIY punk scene. It’s very small but it’s very solid and a lot of new bands coming out lately. It’s good.

How does the Philippines compare to other parts of SE Asia for you?
I haven’t been to other parts of SE Asia except for Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and for me Philippines is the most hardcore. This place is crazy but you know, it’s ok, I like it here. I think it’s the same, Philippines and Indonesia, but here it’s more extreme. Extreme poverty and extreme crime rate here. Everything is more hardcore here so living in the Philippines is a very humbling experience for me.

Does being in the Philippines influence your art?
Of course. It’s not reflected directly in my art but you seeing things differently after living here. This place is crazy man!

What are the ideas behind your work?
Most of my work I draw skull and weed, because I’m obsessed with skulls and drawing weed because you know, I like to smoke. But other than that I’m also influenced by the social and political situation and I try to portray that in my artwork. Sometimes I draw inspiration from bands that I work with. Sometimes they give me lyrics or a story and I develop the story from there.

Because I’m from Indonesia, the country with the biggest Muslim population in the world, where “religious” people are always trying to take part in the government. So of course naturally sometimes I express my disgust towards that kind of stuff. No everyone can accept the way I express myself and sometimes I have problems with my work.

Unholy Triangle

One piece was for a group exhibition in Sabah, Malaysia in 2015. Before the exhibition the gallery asked for a preview so I sent some of my works and after that they replied that they cannot accept works with sensitive issues, for example my work. They don’t want certain works in the gallery because their subject is too sensitive. I just draw about reality. In the Philippines it’s more open here, but in Indonesia yes there is more censorship. In the early 90s tattoos were still taboo, but by late 90s the punk rock style in the big cities was not a problem. But in some areas if you are dressed as a punk they will get you. They don’t want you on the street.

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Further Information


The Other Option

The Other Option was produced by Brisbane filmmaker/ podcaster Rohan Thomas as a DIY project, released in 2015. With SE Asia and China becoming an increasingly popular tour destination for Western bands Rohan digs into the relatively recent history of Aussie punk and hardcore tours through Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. After putting a call out for archival material The Other Option begins the story in 1998 where the unlikeliest of Aussie bands, Warsore, blazes a trail of brutal grindcore through an emerging underground music scene of kids turning onto Western influences pre-Facebook/ Youtube. It then follows a succession of bands looking for a new option to the tried and tested European/ American circuit, along the way covering their impression of both how they reacted to the new audiences and how those audiences reacted to them.

The Other Option picks up the trail in the present, gathering interviews with members of Warsore, Piss Christ and others, along with members of the Asian punk scene. Rohan’s film steers away from the familiar tour diary format and brings up wider issues to do with Western expectations of the Asian punk scene and the dynamics that come into play between different cultures riffing off the same song book.

Check the trailer out at The Other Option