School of Meat

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School of Meat
School of Meat at Valve, 2003
Background information
Genres Hardcore
Years active 2000-2004
Associated acts Backyard Burial, Deaf Terrorists, The Carnies, VBF, Pedal Faster, Killtrain
Past members Nathan Judge, Simon Smith, Aidan McDonald, Ryan O'Leary


School of Meat formed in 2000 out of the remnants of Nelson band Killtrain of which Nathan and Aidan were members.

I met Ryan through my partner at the time and Simon through loitering at The Freedom Shop. We eventually got our shit together and started playing music. The name came from a trip to PAK N SAVE in Petone to purchase narcotics, before band practice, and passing the then School of Meat. We formed with a unified vision of performing at the Eurovision Song Quest competition. Sadly the band never fulfilled that dream and settled for playing shitty venues to lowlifes. We played what we considered to be our own brand of hardcore punk, but that differed from who you were talking to and what day of the week it was.

School of Meat were also a covers band called Charity Fuck. We toured the nation a few times and had many adventures. Wellington had a very active scene back then which we were very involved in with Punkfest, gigs and recording bands. For Nath and I this was how it was in Nelson. If you didn't do it yourself it generally didn't happen. Basically we were fans of music playing music for ourselves and friends.


SOM was firstly the noise that happened to come out of the end of our fingers. Then distortion, volume, power etc was added. I just wanted mainly for the music to have much intensity. As for themes, as a group I think we were fairly apolitical but we wouldn’t shy away from issues. We just never tried to tie ourselves to any one cause. Aidan wrote all the lyrics as well so only he knows what he was singin about. I could only decipher a few lines when we played.
Killtrain was the first band me and Aiden had together so forming SOM with him seemed natural. We do have a certain synchronicity and I know that we can play any sort of music together and it sounds good. Killtrain had a slightly more straight forward “four on the floor” kind of sound than SOM my original idea for the style was fast, simple, tight, stop/ starts. You know like Minor Threat or something.



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