Scumbag College

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Scumbag College
Scumbagcollege logo.jpg
Scumbag College
Former names Rebel High
Address Cairns Street, Rongotai
Location Wellington
Owner Vanya
Type Recording studio
Genre(s) rungus
Opened 2007
Construction cost $1086
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“Turning Horseshit Into Honey”

Scumbag College is an independent recording studio based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Est. 2001 in Dunedin to capture the slow motion train wreck that was Rebel High Records.

Relocated to Capital City in 2007, main clients are greasy rotters that frequent the Wellington punk/hardcore scene.

contact Vanya:

UTPTV EP:02 Scumbag College

UTP goes back to school with a visit to Scumbag College Wellington's home of underground DIY recording. Under the rungus tutelage of headmaster Vanya Scumbag has recorded many of Wellington's best punk and metal bands over the last five years.