Shock Futuro

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Shock Futuro
April 5 2012, SFBH
Background information
Origin Wellington
Genres Hardcore
Years active 2010 - 2012
Labels El Paso Records
Associated acts Malparido, Natural Glow, Cult of the Cobra, Fantails, Rogernomix, Scab, Shortlived
Members Sarsha (drums), Bonnie (guitar), Liz (bass), Carlos (vocals)


Shock Futuro formed in 2010 playing their first gig in the packed downstairs Burgandy Room at Bar Bodega in that year's nearly aborted Punkfest 2010. “The place was packed, and it’s a tiny venue so everyone that was inside was involved!” Carlos. “Yeah, that Punkfest Friday night show in 2010. That was the smallest space and drunkest, most ruckus crowd we ever had.” Liz.

Influenced by hard core and 80s punk bands from The Ramones to Scholastic Deth and ANS, lead singer Carlos also brought Spanish punk into the mix opting to sing in his native language as he had done in previous band Malparido. “There's something I really like about Spanish punk and to put it all together was what I always wanted to do. Songs go from not believing in voting (personal choice not reflected on all the members I think…), TV and technology and how kids now a days miss a lot of what we grew up with, and some other topics that I guess you could say relate to anarchism and free thinking.”

With band members heavily involved in various aspects of the activist and DIY scene Shock Futuro played a lot of fundraiser gigs for a range of activist and social causes. Carlos has also been running a distro label, El Paso Records, focused on independent hardcore bands from New Zealand and overseas. In 2012 Shock Futuro released the Ruido Destructivo 7” before Carlos split for London. The band is currently on hiatus with Sarsha playing in current outfits Fantails, Rogernomix and Freak Magnet.


  • RUIDO DESTRUCTIVO (2012), 7", El Paso Records