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Poster for gig
Background information
Years active 1979-1981
Labels White Light, Bunk Records
Associated acts The Body Electric, The Mockers, 52, The Digits, The Normals
Past members Andy Drey (bass), Alan Jimson (guitar), Leo Keane (drums), Robbie Holmes (drums)


Andy Drey, formerly of Wellington proto-punk band 52, started playing with Alan and Robbie as "Johnny Mono and The Steroids" in early 1979. The name was soon truncated to "The Steroids" with the band playing an aggressive punk sound and supporting the likes of The Dudes and Citizen Band along with major overseas acts like The Boomtown Rats.

Following a recording session in August 1980 the Steroids release their first single “Mr Average” on their own White Light label in November while also supporting English new-wave musician Graham Parker.

In 1981 the closure of venues Billy the Club and Last Resort along with increasing violence at gigs left few places in Wellington for bands to play; "Every pub or venue we ring up says 'that's a punk name - we can't book you'." (In Touch, June, 1981); leading the Steroids to organise the first of the Wellingtonzone gigs at the town hall.

With a new drummer, Leo Keene, in the band this was quickly followed by the release of second single “Credit Card” in July on local indie label Bunk records along with a live compilation album of the Wellingtonzone concert. The Steroids continued to gig around the country for the rest of 81 before playing a final three nights in a row to a packed crowd at The Terminus and releasing their final single “Shadows”.

Alan Jimson/ Jansson along with Andy Drey went on to form electronic pop group The Body Electric achieving major pop chart success with the influential single "Pulsing" in 1982. Following this both Jansson and Drey progressed into careers with music engineering. Jansson most notably achieving worldwide success through his production of Auckland hip hop artist OMC's hit How Bizarre.


  • Mr Average/ Out Of Control, White Light Records, 7", 1980
  • Credit Card/ Destination Tokyo, White Light Records, 7", 1981
  • Shadows/Sign of the Times, 7", 1982