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Subdominants at The Gluepot
Background information
Origin Department of Labour work scheme
Genres Oi Punk
Years active 1987-1988
Associated acts Flesh D-Vice, Vas Deferens
Past members Allana Woodford (bass), Neil,


The Subdominants formed when the three members found themselves on a Labour Department 'Work for the Dole' scheme. Having to choose between cutting gorse and a arts and creativity programme they chose the latter and a few weeks later were playing their first gig at Rock Theatre to a group of primary school children.
The band were good mates with fellow Wellington hard-rock outfit Flesh D-Vice and in 1987 toured to Auckland with them playing at the Gluepot on the Hellfire and Damnation Tour.They recorded one 12" inch EP with 4 songs before splitting in 1988.


Subdominants: 1.Help Me Please, 2.Millionaire, 3.Domestic Disputes, 4.Last Sup

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