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Submission zine


Submission zine produced by Ania Glowacz.


Submission #1: November 1986

Submission #1

Submission #1

Wot’s Your Scene, In the news, Five Year Mission interview, Poetry, Animal Rights, Flesh D-Vice interview with Gerald Dwyer, Know Your Rights, New Wave Dave: Oink! magazine. Spew: Pop music charts full of shit, Record reviews: Dead Kennedys: Frankenchrist, Siouxsie and the Banshees: Tinderbox; Crass: Best Before 1984; The Cure: Standing on a Beach, Bullshit page: Fashion, Political Asylum (Scotland) band letter, Flesh D-Vice review for Halloween weekend gigs 1986, Crass: short history

Submission #2: January 1987

Submission #2

Submission #2

Non-editorial: “Stuff All Sexist Shit”; Is Ronald Reagan Really A Complete Prat?; Animal Pages: Meat is Murder; Sound Mind Records releases; Flesh D-Vice gig review, November 5, 1986; Sunday 21st November Wakefield Street; Margaret Thatcher; Adam Decay comic; Fashion victims; Album reviews: The Original Pistols: Live; The Sex Pistols: Live Worldwide; Rip, Shit or Bust V/A NZ; Chaos UK: Short, Sharp, Shock; Conflict: The Ungovernable Force; Bullshit page: punk fashion; Mike and Spike: comic / Brendon Reece, Whangarei; 10 years On: Punk after 10 years by Ania

Submission #4: July 1987

Submission #4

Submission #4

News: Dead Kennedys, No More Censorship Defence Fund; Punks Declare War (pre-internet DDOS attack); Punks Rampage in London; Record distributors; Tom Thug cartoon; Nazgul: interview; Letters; Royal Rip-off; Bullshit page; Oi Pollioi interview; Living Your Life Stonehenge; Album reviews: The Vandals: Peace thru Vandalism; Stormtroopers of Death: Speak English or Die; Flesh D-Vice: Transmission; Depression: Big Brother; The Cure: Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me; Instigators: Phoenix; Flesh D-Vice: Interview with Gerald Dwyer; Royal Farce; Feminism: A Male View by Grant; Poetry; Jack The Ripper; 77-87 back page

Submission #5: October 1987

Submission #5

Submission #5 Editorial; News: Street kids move into Parliament Grounds; Things are looking really grim: How to meet a man on a bus; Album reviews: Kreator: Flag of Hate; The Cramps: Rockin’ and Reelin’; Metallica: Kill ‘Em All; Sticky Filth; Mindfuckers and Mates; Sticky Filth interview; Bullshit page; The Vegetarian Ideal; Letters; Abaddon interview; New Wave Dave; News; The Thin Game; Local album releases: Nazgul: Good Demons; The Harder the Edge The Rocker the Roll; Bygone Era/ Warners: Spilt 7”; Madness to Mana VA 12”; Wellington scene report: Anti-System; Divided We Fall; I Don’t Conform; Second dark Age; The Alternative; Thrash Till Death; Meaningless Anarchist Scratchings; Bands: Flesh D-Vice; Number Nine; Microwave Babies; Wazzo Ghoti; Brothers Gorgonzola; Nazgul; Acid Reign; Skank Attack; One Less Customer for the Butcher; Manson Family; Electric Church; Subdominanants; Affliction/ Avil Retards; Number 9 interview; Letters; Witches article; Book Ekstract: The Damned by Linda Hoy; Behind the Iran/ Contra Affair; Strange Origin of Halloween: FDV tour dates