The Johos

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The Johos
Johos knockknock.jpg
Axel at Take Shelter 2
Background information
Origin Watchtower
Genres Jehova punk
Years active 2012 - 2014
Labels Zero Style
Associated acts Rogernomix, Shortlived, Awkward Death, Meth Drinker
Members Sam Thurston (guitar, vocals), Axel(bass, vocals), Jessy (drums)


The Joho's are a 3-piece punk band featuring Sam (Meth Drinker, Rogernomix), Axel (Awkward Death) and Jessy on drums. Formed after Scabies member Axel relocated to Wellington from Christchurch and Sam hit him up about wanting to form a band with a more heavenly sound than the sludge and d-beat styles of his other outfits. The Joho's take their name from the slang term for everyone's favourite door knocking bible bashes the Jehovahs Witness's but the term can be taken as short-hand for anything really annoying. Writing their songs as satirical comments on life, religion and punk The Joho's have even been known to take inspiration from the bible.



The Johos: 1.Whole World Drunk

Download Album here: The Johos on Bandcamp


UTPTV interview with The JOHOs, May 2014.