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Historical echoes, Capitol Kaos 1984, Arse End of The World, 2011.


30+ years on from when 'punk' first emerged out of the desolate wasteland of 1970s New Zealand the DIY ethos and anti-establishment ideology of punk has endured in a form that still appeals to successive generations of bored youth. There may no longer be any attempt to enact the genre defining "cultural year zero" of 1977 but the enduring legacy of punk in Wellington is perhaps marked by the continuing appeal of being an active part of ones own community.

This continuing succession of kids building and passing through 'the scene' over 35 years has occurred within the virtual memory hole Wellington's underground punk scene where the local history has been fragmented, ignored or over-written by more dominant narratives (the Auckland punk scene, Dunedin's Flying Nun).

Ten years on from what the original Up The Punks exhibition started to uncover as an alternative narrative of Wellington this chapter of the Wiki site aims to document events, bands and personalities over the last decade and now. Is it still a pain in the ass finding places to play? How do bands release their music now? What issues do people rant about? Answers to all this and more to follow.



The All Seeing Hand, Awkward Death, Black Lick Dead Vicious, Dimestore Skanks, Downer Buzz Fantails, Johnny and the Felchers, Meth Drinker, Mr Sterile Assembly, Phone Sex Robots, Rogernomix, Starving Millions, The Dilfs, Cult of the Cobra, Dial, Entrails, Gutrot, Malparido, Natural Glow, Numbskull, Punchbowl, Scab, Shit The Bed, Shock Futuro, Shortlived, Teen Hygiene, The Johos, Unsanitary Napkin, Zomble!Fuck?


Black Coffee, Lorne Street, Medusa, Scumbag College, Valhalla


Always Never Fun, Mind Lint, Zero Style