Unsanitary Napkin

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Unsanitary Napkin
Unsantitary patrioticgrooves cover.jpg
Background information
Genres punk
Years active 2015 - now
Labels Zero Style
Associated acts Rogernomix, Downer Buzz
Members Hannah (guitar/ vocals), Ben(drums), Rupert (bass/ vocals)


Wellington artist Hannah Salmon's first foray into music as guitarist/ vocalist for Unsanitary Napkin extends her obsession for picking at the scabby, infested, scrotum of male chauvinist society that was begun with her excellent zine/ poster/ art work as Daily Secretion. Starting over a few jams with bassist Rupert (Downer Buzz) in 2015, Hannah had written most of the bands lyrics by the time Ben (Rogernomix) joined later that year. All three members have been active in social justice causes with both Ben and Hannah involved in the Loomio project.

Unsanitary Napkin played their first gig at Neil Roberts Day 2015 in Whanganui. Since then the band has recorded their debut EP at Scumbag College with a tape released on Zero Style records at Newtown Bowling club, April 9, 2016. Influenced by bands such as Rudimentary Peni, Die Kruezen and Devo, their songs explore the abuse of power and inequality in society from a strongly feminist perspective. A breakdown of their EPs tracks can be found at Unsanitary Napkin: Unsanitary Napkin.




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