Up The Punks 2002

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Up The Punks 2002
UTP2002 poster.jpg
Up The Punks!
Genre Exhibition
Dates 16-30 October 2002
Location(s) Thistle Hall
Years active 2002
Founded by John and Kerry


Up The Punks 2002 was an exhibition held at Thistle Hall from October 16-30. The show was an attempt to piece together a partial history of punk in Wellington from 1977-2002. The impetus for Up The Punks was provided after touring exhibition, Punkulture, showed at Te Papa. Local punks viewed the British Council/ Ericsson Mobile sponsored exhibit as 'flogging a dead horse' in its cliched representation of a historical narrative that eschews punks ongoing and contemporary interpretations in favour of confining it within a distinct historical context.

At 'Punkulture', punk is well and truly dead, captured and safely contained. Even mobile giants Ericsson's sponsorship dollars enabled them a place of honour between Sid and Johnny. The exhibition failed to look past mainstream definition by presenting a false history of punk, overlooking other media like art, writing, film making and activism crucial to it's existance in the underground. Kerry Ann Lee, 1 March 2001, The Package
Punkulture review

Following 'Punkulture', a decision was made to begin collecting posters, recordings, photos and stories to mount a DIY exhibition at Wellington's home of punk Thistle Hall. The exhibition was held over two weeks with associated event Nevermind The Punkfest being held at the Factory on Tasman street over the Labour weekend break. Up The Punks physical and digital archive was then archived at The National Library. In 2010 the archive began to be uploaded as a wiki site and following this a tenth year exhibition was held at Thistle Hall as Up The Punks 2012.



The original video made for the Up The Punks 2002 exhibition.

Up The Punks Episode 1
Up The Punks Episode 2
Up The Punks Episode 3