Vas Deferens

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Vas Deferens
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Vas Deferens
Background information
Also known as VD
Origin Wellington
Genres scum rock
Years active 1988-1997, 2008-present
Associated acts Flesh D-Vice, Subdominants, Goatrider, TAB
Website Vas Deferens
Members Elvis Jagger/Gareth Smith(bass), Hanoi Von Strap-On/Peter Trapp(drums), Sickie Dryhump/Dragan Stojanovic (guitar), Cyclone Gotluv/Simon Gotlieb (guitar) Gerry the Werewolf Moran (vocals)
Past members Luger Douche/Steve Andrews(vocals), Flex (bass), Reverend Jolt Cola(Bass)


Interview with Steve Andrews 2012
Vas Deferens formed in early November 1988 cos I wanted to have a band to play some of my favourite tunes at my 22nd birthday.

I used to see Sickie busking all the time down on Cuba Street/ Manners Mall and every time I walked past he’d play Ace of Spades. Even though I was impressed with his guitar playing and quite touched by this gesture I never gave the cunt any money.

Later I gate-crashed a party at a restaurant above Manners Mall and saw Sickie with Pete at a table. I joined them and while drinking all their beer convinced them we should form a band for my upcoming birthday party. I think they thought I had a good look and that we could blag it. Sickie asked me if I could sing so I lied and said ‘yes’. Then the bastard picked up his acoustic guitar and asked me to sing something so I belted out some crap and ‘hey presto’ I’m in a band!

The original line-up had the Reverend Jolt Cola on bass. He lasted about two months. A lovely chap but he kept pissing about. He even turned up to a practice once but left his bass at home! Then we had a guy called Flex play bass with us for about a year. He was a bloody nice guy but he had no tendencies toward drunken debauchery like Sickie and I. After Flex left to play in the Headless Chickens, one of our biggest fans, Gaz, stepped up and took over bass playing duties.

Our first gig was on the 20th of November 1988 at the Clarendon on Taranaki Street with Flesh D-Vice and TAB. I had this idiotic idea to provide the audience with a dozen eggs to hurl at me, but man raw eggs hurt at close range! However the gimmick worked because the stunt got the VDs a mention in Rip It Up magazine. Everyone seemed to have a good night and it being Vas Defs first gig I think people were quite surprised we played so well.

I never really intended to continue with the band after my birthday party but after realizing how much fun it was to play with Pete and Sickie, and of course the opportunity to pull some class ‘blart’, we just kinda continued down that rocking bandidos road.

Original Hits EP 1991

We ended up pretty much being the house band at The Clarendon for a short while after that, playing mainly punk, rock and metal covers. Everything from Led Zep, to Sabbath, to Cheap Tricks’ “I want you to want me” and even Zodiac Mindwarp. Sickie wrote most of the original material and even included songs from his former band ‘The Axemen’. Gaz wrote ‘Demarcation’, and ‘Microwave Pies’ was penned by local poet and Scribblers Pub drinking-buddy Darryl Ward from Goatrider about getting the munchies while staggering home pissed up one night.

I have fond memories of The Clarendon before Sicky got us banned for stealing whisky from behind the bar. We also used to play at, The Car Park, The San Francisco Bath House/ Rockys/ Sonic Temple, Kaminskys, Trekkers and the old Bar Bodega.

I don’t think we ever disbanded. I just ended up going to live in London in ’97. We had our 20th anniversary gig November 20th 2008 at the new Bar Bodega.

Luger Douche/ Steve Andrews

Steve's Death 2012

On December 9 2012 the lead singer of Vas Deferens, Steve Andrews, was seriously assaulted in Putney, South West London and died of serious head injuries at 6PM later that day. Following his death Steve's body was left in limbo/ London due to an $11000 price tag on its repatriation to New Zealand. In response to this Ross Barkman and Tom Lynch initiated a fundraising drive to bring Steve home culminating in a last-ride gig for Vas Deferens and sets by The Good Old Boys and Wazzo Ghoti at San Fran Bathhouse. In all $12,887.87 was raised and Steve's funeral was held at the Holy Cross church, Miramar, on Monday January 28th. Simon Gotlieb (ex TAB, Compos Mentis, Aftershock) joined the band on rhythm guitar and vocals. Guest vocalists Gerry Moran, Eugene Pope (Flesh D-Vice), Rex Nairn (Wazzo Ghoti), Darryl Ward (Goatrider) and Reta Le Quesne, as well as Dragan, Gareth and Simon filled in for Steve on the night.

Steve Appeal illustration by Rufus Dayglo


Vas Deferens: Original Hits 1991
1.Angel of Harem, 2.Demarcation, 3.Keep It In The Family, 4.Microwave Pies, 5.Must Love Die, 6.Only Got Youself To Blame