Zero Style

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Zero Style
Logo for Zero Style
Zero Fucking Style
Founded 2012
Founder John Dimery
Genre punk, garage
Country of origin New Zealand
Location Wellington, Slime City
Official website Zero Style Bandcamp

About:Interview March 13, 2016

Wellington's busiest DIY tape label Zero Style has spun out 25 releases since 2012. The brainchild of John Dimery, the label specialises in underground punk/ garage rock and the odd slice of sludge metal; all lovingly packaged as limited edition cassettes but also available as downloads from Bandcamp. Juggling this project with playing in a number of bands, screen printing and a venture into crafting grotesque toys we asked JD what his plans were for the immediate future.

Over the last decade I’ve made a lot of awesomely talented friends who make good fuckin’ music, and art! Don’t get me started. Let’s just say they’re all highly influential and I’m lucky to be surrounded by such a calibre of humans. So there is no shortage of material to be released - Zero Style won’t be retiring just yet.

Coming up I’ve got WIZZ KIDS and Unsanitary Napkin both releasing tapes at the Newtown Bowling Club on April 9th, two releases I’m super stoked on. After that, a Bazooka tape, a Rogernomix Discography tape for their Southeast Asian tour, as well as being a part of a collective of labels releasing a 12” compilation of NZ/AUS/S.E.A. bands later this year.

Art-wise; I’ve been screen-printing with Vanya at SLIME CITY (we just made some collectable A2 posters for the MUMMIES!) where I’ve also been making heaps of resin toys and pins for my new project BAD TASTE TOYS. Which I’ll keep up with, when I have time. I love it so much, it’s such a cool process. Being a complete nerd and perpetual child, I’ve fallen hard for toy-making. My brain is kind of on overdrive at the moment, I’ll go with it ‘til I burn out I guess. It’s imminent, innit..

At the screen-printing/toy-making studio we have in BERHAMPORE I also run GHETTO THEATRE with some good friends Hannah and Rupert of UNSANITARY NAPKIN. We screen our favourite movies weekly while we bathe in glorious amounts of chemically affected popped corn.

In regards to music, I’ve kind of over-committed myself, kinda struggling with time, having just become a building/joinery contractor (the money is good and I need it to look after myself and my little family as well as buy materials for all this shit) so RAW PANIC, DOWNER BUZZ and a new project potentially called MUSCLE MEN (nudge nudge, Ben) are all on a bit of a go-slow. I mean, I make it to practises and shows most of the time. We live in a busy city, everyone’s got a lot going on. Spread myself a bit thin, I have. Fuck it.. I’ll probably be gone in a year ‘coz I’m buying Charlie’s motorbike. Catch you up!